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Teen Meeting App to Make New Friends

Beginners Guide : Stop a Bully

Bullying usually isn’t like they show on TV or in the movies. 9 times out of 10 a bully won’t walk by you in the hall at school and knock your books

What Everyone Should Know About Teenage Pregnancy Causes

All over the world, teenagers are becoming pregnant without planning to, and risk bringing a child into the world without being prepared

4 Major Back-to-School Tips

Every year you tell yourself you’re going to get started on the right foot, but it isn’t always that easy.

4 Secrets She's Keeping from You

Every relationship seems great at a glance, but what most of them have is one negative aspect that tends to tear them apart: secrets.

How to Identify a Cheater in 1 Minute

When you suspect that your significant other is being unfaithful, it may seem like it’s coming out of the blue, completely at random.

Can a Long Distance Relationship Work?

You may not know too much about what to expect, which is why you have no idea how to make a long distance relationship work

4 Ridiculous Myths Teens Believe About Sex

Despite this somewhat forced discussion about sexuality, however, many teenagers still pass around the same misinformation about sex.

Summer Love: What's Next?

So you had a summer fling, or your crush finally noticed you, or anything that happens seemingly only in teen movies happened to you this summer.

15 Things Every Pair of BFFs Must Do Before Summer Ends

Everyone has a bucket list — a list of things they want to get accomplished before a deadline, but how many of those activities would just better with your best friend in tow?

Secrets Boys Don't Want You to Know

What’s more, the thought of you knowing some of these secrets strike most teen boys with a bolt of fear.

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