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How to Win Him Back (Do’s & Dont’s)

After a breakup, it can feel like the world is ending. Maybe he was your first love, and if you're like most teens, you'll do almost anything to win him back.

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Judge Your Best Friend For

While sometimes this judgment is justified, most things aren't worth ending a friendship over, whether you're a teen or an adult.

5 Absolute Ways to Stay Away From Online Predators

On Spotafriend, you can find practically unlimited opportunities to meet friends and have fun. Like any app, though, you still have to know how to stay safe.

6 Signs Your BFF Should Ditch Their Relationship

Everyone wants to be a supportive friend and help their squad find love, but there are those times when a couple just isn't working

How to “Find Your Chill” When it Comes to Dating

As a teen who's new to the dating game, you can potentially try WAY TOO HARD to get a date.

6 Really Obvious Texting Signs That A Girl is Into You

In the modern world of constant texting, teen girls are more difficult to understand than ever before.

Who Is Your Best Travel Buddy?

it's time to figure out who that person is, and whether or not your friendship is strong enough to withstand the stresses of potentially tense travel situations.

Hard Hitting Questions to Ask Your BFF

You and your best friend forever — your BFF — have known each for as long as you remember, and you talk to them about everything, but do you really know them inside and out?

4 Powerful (and Fool Proof) Ways to Ask Someone Out

The dating world can be scary for teens, especially when it comes time to ask someone out.

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