You’re probably sick of social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where your parents make profiles and spy on you; who wouldn’t be?

Spotafriend is a new app that helps teens from coast to coast make friends in their area, and it’s one hundred percent free! The best part? Parents (and all adults, for that matter) are virtually banned from using it! Here’s how it works:

Spotafriend: No Adults Allowed!

How does the app keep parents from spying on you? When you download the app and create your account, you’ll be asked to snap a quick selfie, with your face clear and visible, and with the specified number of fingers raised.

Once you do that, Spotafriend’s innovative software will scan the image and verify that you’re a teen, giving you access to a network of potential BFFs in your age range and area. From there, it works like a dating app, except for finding friends! Simply swipe left for no and right for yes, and anyone that you swipe right on who also swipes right on you will open a new chat and a world of possibilities!

Spotafriend: A Safe Place to Meet New People

Spotafriend is the app teens have been waiting for, and we’re reinventing the process of finding potential friends near you and creating exciting new connections! Our facial recognition software doesn’t just keep your parents out – it also keeps you safe while you browse the endless friendship possibilities in your area by banning predators that try to make it past the screening process.

You’ll be safe and free to meet new friends on the app that has teens around the world buzzing: Spotafriend is the number one app for forming teen friendships in 4 countries, with over 1 million members worldwide. Come find out why teens can’t stop talking about Spotafriend!


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