Spotafriend is the hottest new app to meet other fun teens in your area, but once everyone is using it, there need to be some ground rules established. In this case, the ground rules are more of the unwritten variety:

10 Unwritten Rules You May Not Have Heard of

1. Just saying “hi”, “hey” or “hi there” is not the start of most engaging conversations. Chances are that these lame salutations won’t inspire anyone to reply.

2. Watch out for profiles with only one picture. What are they trying to hide, anyway?

3. If a person’s profile has multiple people in it, than we’re sorry to break it to you: the one you’re talking to probably isn’t the most attractive one in the picture.

4. At some point or another, you’re going to swipe left on accident and it’s gonna haunt you. Move past it or try the boomerang button.

5. Don’t get hung up on how tall you think a person is based on their pictures. You have no frame of reference and are probably mistaken.

6. If you’re messaging a person on Spotafriend and they begin to become boring, we have a secret for you: they’re probably not incredibly interesting in real life.

7. You’ve probably come across every teen in your area on Spotafriend after you’ve been using it for a while, so don’t be surprised when familair faces start popping up around town.

8. When you give a Spotafriend connection your real phone number, it never won’t be funny to respond: “new phone who dis”. Beware; this may lose you a potential new friend or two.

9. Spotafriend meet ups will never not be awkward. Try to look past your discomfort to make new friends.

10. If you meet up with online connections often, try not to use the same coffee shop or restaurant every time. The other customers know when there’s a blind meetup going on, and after a while the regulars will start to get uncomfortable.

Don’t Sweat it

Don’t worry about following every rule to a T, but do be aware of what they’re saying to you. Just be easygoing and aware of your virtual surroundings, and you’ll be meeting friendly teens in your area in no time on Spotafriend!

Don’t forget┬áthat your parents can’t spy on you using this app.

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