In life, friends come and go. The problem is, you can’t always tell who’s in it for the long haul or who’s just a unreliable, fake friend. You know the type; there when they need you, and gone when you need them.

Here’s how to tell the fake friends from the real ones:

You Only Hear From Them When They Need Something

You know when you don’t hear from one of your friends for a while; you assume they’re busy with school or work or something else and you don’t sweat it. But when you do hear from them, they always need something from you— borrowing money and clothes, asking for the homework assignment or just big favors that you’d do for them, “as a friend.”

If you look closely at all your friends, this is the mark of the fake ones: they always expect you to be there for them when they need help, without doing the same for you.


They Talk About You Behind Your Back

A real friend is someone you can trust, someone you can share your secrets to. A fake friend talks about you behind your back to make them feel better about themselves, and they tell your secrets to other people.

Which one of those friends do you really feel like trusting when things get tough?

giphy fake friend.gif

They Don’t Really Listen to You

A fake friend talks on and on about their life and their problems, but they don’t extend the same courtesy to you. See, fake friends only care about their own needs. They want you to be their therapist and help you with every little problem in their life, but the thought of helping you through the rough spots doesn’t even register with them.

giphy (19).gif

Fake friends are bad friends; there’s no other way to put it. You only live once. Why not spend your time with people that return the respect that you give to them? Thankfully, there are plenty of potential real friends out there,so put away the fakes and start meeting new friends!