Telling a guy that you like him can feel like the scariest thing in the world. You’ve had a crush on him for weeks, but you have no idea how he feels about you. Once you tell him that you like him, you will know the answer to that question and you won’t have to wonder anymore.

There are so many ways to tell a guy that you like him. You could tell him in person, send him a text or a private message on Facebook, have a friend tell him, send him a note, or even call him on the telephone. With some of these methods, it could take some time to get your answer, or in the case of text messages and private messages it could possibly not even be him that you’re actually talking to. The absolute best way to tell a guy that you like him is to simply tell him. It’s the only way that you will get a straight up and honest response right away. If you want to tell a guy that you like him:

Get Him Alone

It’s best to talk to him about alone and not in front of his friends. Guys tend to act all macho in front of their friends and don’t like to show their softer side.

Watch His Mood

If he seems like he’s had a rough day, it might be best to wait for another time. If he seems happy and cheerful, now is the time to do it.

Lead Into It

Tell him you have something important to tell him and watch for his response. If he seems like he’s interested in what you have to say, go for it. If he seems a bit apprehensive, it might be best to tell him something else instead.

Go For It

If all of the conditions are right, then just tell him. Tell him that you like him and give him a few minutes to respond. If he doesn’t respond right away, don’t feel rejected. It could be that he needs some time to sort out his feelings. If he says that he doesn’t feel the same way, then you should tell him how much you value your friendship and get up and go on with your day. If he tells you that he likes you too, then you’re all set and love is in the air!

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