It’s time for some answers; there are a lot of guys (and girls) out there that are frustrated because they can’t meet someone, online or in person.

Here’s some dating advice that will help your seduction game, or at least get you some face time with almost any girl you want; your 5-step guide to seducing a girl online.

Make Her Come to You

The biggest dating struggle that most guys have online is the inability to make themselves standout in a crowd (or a full inbox of messages.) If this advice is for you, don’t worry. It’s not that you’re not a good candidate, it’s just really hard to pick the good ones out of tons and tons of messages from guys with no game.

The best option is to make your profile and your pictures intriguing enough that she messages you first, because she just has to know more about the mysterious stranger she sees.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Her

Girls don’t want to be bombarded with messages when they don’t write back. This makes it seem like you’re sitting there at your phone or computer all day, waiting for a response.

Instead, take it easy; write her a message and then set the phone down, go outside or get some work done and come back to it later.

Read Signals

We know, it’s hard when messaging, but you’ll still have to pick up on signals in the conversation. One of the keys of seduction is not missing key signs that might save you a ton of wasted effort. Even the best pick up artists don’t have what a girl is looking for, and thats okay.

If the conversation dies regularly, and she doesn’t show any urge to bring it back, she probably isn’t that interested in you. Of course, this advice doesn’t apply to all dating situations; every girl is different.

Don’t False Advertise

Making yourself seem like a big shot online is cool and all, but she’s gonna meet you in person, hopefully sooner rather than later. Don’t you want to be the same person online that you are in person? Don’t act any differently when you’re dating behind a screen.

Ask For a Date

Just like a good salesman, eventually you’re going to have to close the deal.

Dating online is fun and all, but if you really want to seduce a girl, you’re gonna want to hang out in person. This part is the hardest for most potential seduction pros, but the upside is that rejection online is way less awkward than rejection in person, so man up and get that date!

Maybe after that, she will wonder how to reveal she likes you.