By now, you probably know the basics about condoms, and that’s great! Teen pregnancy is a situation that no one wants to get caught up in, but what do you really know about condoms?

Here are 10 facts that will blow your mind about the little rubber hats we know and (hopefully) use today:

1. The first condoms were made from animal skins and were re-usable. Excuse us while we gag.

2. Before the invention of mass produced rubber condoms in 1855, you had to go to the doctor to get measured for a custom set. That’s a lot of work to go through for the sake of safe sex!

3. Trojan Magnums are measure for a girth of over 5 inches. Don’t bother measuring, you probably aren’t that big.

4. If stored in a cool, dry place, condoms don’t expire for up to 4 years. That means you should probably replace that one you’ve been carrying in your wallet for years, though.

5. The “Bedroom Panel” is Trojan’s euphemism for the lucky couples that get to test their products out, “hands on”.

6. Trust us, you don’t want to be one of the 80% of guys that admitted to using one or more excuses to avoid wearing a condom in their lifetime.

7. Think sex ed taught you how to use condoms correctly? Don’t count on it. Only 39% of American high school students are taught top-notch condom habits.

8. It costs about one cent to produce a single condom. At an average of 12.99 for a box of twelve, that’s a heck of a markup!

9. There’s an app called “iCondom” that helps you locate the nearest condom dispenser near you.

10. While you might think that guys make up almost all of the condom purchases in the U.S., women actually buy 40% of all condoms sold. Looks like safe sex is a joint effort!

Whether you use condoms or some other form of contraception, make sure you know what you’re doing and stay safe in the sack!

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