When February 14th rolls around once again, everyone looks for little ways to stand out among the crowds of people trying to impress their dates on Valentine’s Day. The truth is, to show love on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to try to hard. Here some increasingly involved ways to impress your date on February 14th.

Simple: Come to the Door When You Pick Them Up

Look. If you sit outside in the street honking when you get to your date’s address, you just look like a lazy idiot. And if your date lives with their parents, they’ll hate you, and come to think of it, your date might start to hate you too.

Simple: Have a Clever Date Idea in Hand

Everyone tries to take their V-Day date out to dinner, so reservations are almost impossible to get. In addition, this just seems like the obligatory option for the holiday of love. Try something more creative, go on a romantic activity! If you live in an area with winter months, go ice skating or on a winter hike. If you live in a warmer climate, consider a picnic in a scenic location.

Intermediate: Have Everything Planned Beforehand

As long as you know what your date likes, they’ll be impressed if you plan the whole day/night/weekend out before you pick them up. The risk here is guessing wrong on a date idea and having the whole thing be a bust.

Advanced: Cook a Romantic Dinner and Eat By the Fire

February is pretty cold for most people, so a warm, cozy date is super appealing on Valentine’s Day. If you have the know-how, plan a romantic dinner (surf & turf or a heart shaped pizza, for example). Then, cook a chocolate fondue and set up by the fire on (and under) blankets for a comfy and big time impressive Valentine’s Day date.

Otherwise, you can find the perfect gift for your crush.