Now with marijuana legalization becoming a reality in more and more areas, the question of weather or not partaking in this smokable herb is wrong. Teens especially are wondering if there’s a good reason not to try the drug if they can obtain it legally and responsibly. To answer this age-old question, we have to look at the issue from a view different points of view.


Is smoking marijuana unhealthy? Of course, any time you’re drawing smoke into your lungs, there are some ill effects that can threaten your health, but pot smoke is much less harmful to your health than cigarette smoke. That much is known.

To avoid the issues associated with smoking marijuana, many medical users prefer to take the drug in the form of THC (the main compound found in marijuana) supplements or baked into food, called “edibles”.


Here’s where the issue gets sticky. Who can really say if smoking is truly wrong, or if it’s banned recreationally in most places simply because it’s a misunderstood substance?

For most teens, smoking is a recreational activity used to reduce stress and have a good time. If you’re smoking illegally, and not getting behind the wheel or missing out on participating in social activities and schoolwork, who are we to tell you it’s wrong?


If the laws in your area permit smoking weed, great, but most still don’t. Medical marijuana has been legalized in more and more regions, however, and legal adults can get medical marijuana cards if their situation fits the law.

The infographic below is provided by Clarity Way.