The hardest part of dating online for most teens is the approach. Once you start talking to a new person, you get comfortable pretty quickly, but how can you be sure your icebreaker is going to work?

Unfortunately, there’s no sure way to know, but here are some tips to make sure your first message puts you on the right side in the online dating pool:

Do Use Pick-Up Lines, But Be Unique

No one wants to hear “are you from Tennessee, ‘cuz you’re the only 10 I see” 20 times a day. Check our list of the worst pickup lines.


Don’t Try to Be Too Clever

If you start with what you think is brilliant wordplay, and your conversation-mate doesn’t understand it, you’ve wasted a pick-up line and a potential date.

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Do Show That You’ve Read Their Profile

Don’t ask a question that’s answered on their profile. Take a few minutes and actually read it. Then, you can talk about a hobby or a picture that you saw. They probably gonna check your profile so make sure yours is on point.

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Don’t Be Creepy

“I love your shirt, but it would look better on my floor” might work on a few people, but for most, the first message of an online dating exchange is probably too soon. Please, just don’t do it.


Don’t Write a Whole Paragraph

No one wants to read the entire personal memoirs of a person they haven’t talked to at all yet. Ease back a little because it can look boring.

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Do Try to Talk About Something Unique

Does their profile give away anything about their interests. Find common ground and be interesting. You don’t know how many other people your new connection has in their inbox just saying “hi.” If you did it right, you will feel it instantly.

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Don’t Just Start With “Hey”

On that note, no one knows how to respond when you simply say “hey” or “hi”. Don’t be shy and be more creative.

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There’s no surefire way to bat one thousand on an online dating app, but with these tips, you’ll be starting off on the right foot with every message. We also have other cues if it’s a boy or a girl. Stay true to yourself but keep in mind that the first impression always matters. Come on and get find more friends on Spotafriend!