Prom is supposed to be one of the most important and celebrated nights of your teen life. You’re finally graduating, and becoming a college bound adult once you get out of high school. It’s also one of your last chances to party with everyone from your high school.

What we’re trying to say is, prom is kind of a big deal. Here are a few tips to make sure yours goes smoothly.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

Whether your thinking about finding a date, getting your hair done, renting a dress or a tux or figuring out where to go to dinner before the big night, the occasion comes with a lot of pressure for a teen.

Our advice? Don’t worry about it. Lots of kids don’t have dates, or the perfect outfit, or a night that goes smoothly. Just enjoy the moment, and don’t let your anxiety ruin the night for you.

Take Lots of Photos

Prom night is a lot like your wedding, in that if you let it, it will fly by. Take lots of photos before the big night so that you’ll be able to remember it later.

Don’t Go Overboard at the After-Party

Whether you have a school sanctioned after-prom, or someone you know is throwing a party, be careful. Just because prom only happens once, doesn’t mean you can get away with driving drunk or getting alcohol poisoning.

Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Cherish your teen years and your prom. After this night, it’s likely that everything will change. People will move far away for college and you may never see some of them again, so just live in the moment.

Prom is great, but it can be an anxious time for any teen. Follow these tips and your prom will be as memorable as possible.