Guys; When you’ve been turned down by a few girls in a row, you may feel like the nice guys never win anymore. While you might have to change up your game or your style to be successful with the ladies, you might not always be wrong. Here are the reasons why the bad boys manage to get the lions’ share of the love, attraction and attention from girls:

They Think They Can Change Them

Many women feel a maternal instinct when they see a potential mate who falls into the category of a “bad boy.” They think that if they give these guys more attention, they’ll eventually change into the Prince Charming that girls think is hiding under that rough exterior.

They Have an Appetite for Adventure

You might say, but the nice guys are a safer option, to which we reply, “exactly.” Girls, especially teens, aren’t always looking for safety and protection but adventure and excitement. Bad boys tend to take risks, which can inspire love and attraction from girls.

Bad Boys Are Charming

Bad boys tend to be attractive and charming, which is probably how they became bad boys. Think of the “used car dealer” trope. This character is sleazy and will do anything to make a sale, but in the end, the customer usually relents. If a guy is confident, charming and attractive, girls will usually fall for him, even if he turns out to be a bad guy.

So what can you do? Most girls will come to their senses eventually. Take care of yourself, and be a good guy. Remember, girls don’t owe you anything, so treating them poorly because you feel they’ve picked the wrong person to love makes you no better than the bad boy that has won their attraction.