Most teens won’t want to admit, but there are more than a few occasions when you look back on something you did, and realized that the tips your mother gave you that you ignored were actually worth listening to.

Here are a few times your mom gave you tips that you should’ve taken to heart.

1. “Bring a Jacket”

You never listened when your mom said this, and you were always cold. Go figure.

2. “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight”

While not always correct, it only takes one late night mistake to prove her right.

3. “You Can Sometimes Have Too Much of a Good Thing”

You’ll think about this one when you make yourself sick with that second pizza.

4. “Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute”

You’ll only regret this one when you’re sleep deprived after spending all night on that big project.

5. “Don’t Grow Up Too Fast”

You’re only a teen once. This one won’t make sense until you’re older, but trust us, mother knows best.

6. “Take Your Vitamins”

Remembering to take vitamins may seem like a hassle now, but you’ll thank yourself when you don’t catch the same flu that everyone else has. Being healthy is valuable.

7. “Eat Right, Your Metabolism Won’t Be Fast Forever”

Different people will learn this lesson at different times, but all the same, everything you eat catches up with you in the long run.

8.”Your Friends Reflect on You”

Most teens don’t realize this, but your friends have a lot of influence on your behavior. Choose carefully, and your friend group will make you a better person.

9. “Think Before You Speak”

This seems obvious, but of course, hindsight is 20/20. Slow down and choose your words carefully in life, and you’ll go far.

As much as most teens don’t want to admit it, these tips that you should’ve followed the first time you heard them proves that in the end, mother truly does know best. One of the greatest lessons of life is to listen to the advice of older people.

We all make mistakes and that is how we learn the most, but you must admit that your parents are not wrong and talking with them is worth it. 😉

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