Men are pretty simple creatures, and it’s pretty easy to navigate their many turn-ons like a pro, but a few things just don’t get that motor revving. Here’s a list of the biggest turnoffs that you’ll encounter with most guys when you play the not-so-complicated game of seduction.

Being too Engrossed in Social Media

Ladies, it’s okay to want to have a following on Instagram, but obsessing over every single like your photos get is a big no-no.

Being too Clingy

Sometimes guys need their own time and space, and that’s hard to get when a girl is hanging all over. It’s okay to live your own life sometimes. You’ll learn yourself being independent.

Being too Needy

While most guys like doing things for their partners, acting like you can’t function without his help is a major inconvenience and thus, a turnoff. If this is your case, it could seems like a lack of confidence.

Being too Flirty with Other Guys

We get it, sometimes you feel the need to feel wanted by other guys, but when you turn that seduction switch every time you leave the house, he’s likely to get jealous.

Taking too Long to Get Ready

Everyone knows it takes longer for girls to get ready to go out, but when it makes all parties late to events, it begins to get old. It’s better that we can recognize you, too much makeup is like not enough.

Being Dishonest

Most guys (well, most people really) have trust issues from an event in their past, and when they find out you’re lying to them, they’ll get understandably upset. This is a good lesson for all parts of life. Just be honest, ok?

Being Vain and Self-Centered

Any girl that is way too absorbed in herself and her own appearance is pretty likely to be a huge turnoff to the guys in her life. He wants to know that you’re paying attention to him sometimes, not just your own vanity.

Wait! Do you know the biggest turn off for girl?