As many guys have learned over the years, it’s extremely easy to make yourself less appealing to women. While many men claim that they’ll never be completely sure what girls want, here is a list of seduction moves that will be huge turnoffs to the ladies.


A relatively new concept, man-splaining is the act of over-explaining a concept to women, as if they’re too dumb to process plain English. News flash: girls are as smart as guys, and they want to be treated like it.

Bad Hygiene

No one is saying you have to take three showers a day, but you shouldn’t be smelling foul and unshaven. If you girl stopped shaving completely, you probably wouldn’t like it.

Bragging About Your Conquests

It’s not an effective seduction strategy to brag to your target about all the girls you’ve bagged, it’s a turnoff.

Guys Who Can’t Communicate

Nothing frustrates girls more than a relationship with a guy that can’t talk about what he’s feeling. Grow up and talk about the things that are bothering you.


Lazy guys are the worst. As girls move through life, they want to meet men that have ambition and are motivated to grow in their careers, not slobs who can’t be bothered to get off the couch for another beer.

Being too Dominant

While some girls like the alpha male type of seduction, keep in mind that in 2017, if you’re too dominant, loud, cocky or a bully, most girls will be turned off by it.

Girls and their turnoffs are not as complicated as popular culture would like you to believe. Don’t be an extreme personality, shower regularly and don’t be loud and brag too much, and you’ll have women eating out of your hand in no time. Don’t worry, there are also things that turn off guys.