When it comes to love and finding a relationship that’s built to last, some complicated situations can arise. When your feelings don’t match those of the object of your attraction, they may feel inclined to keep you in their life as something a little less than a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is what is called the dreaded “friendzone.”

The friendzone is typically associated with guys, but you might not realize that girls can easily fall prey to it as well. Without further ado, here is a guide to help you identify which type of friendzone you fall might be likely to fall into.

The “Gayzone”

When (usually the girl) thinks that maybe one of their close male friends is gay, then they may rule out any possibility of any more than a friendship. Most of people like having a gay friend because it’s bringing open mind and diversity. So, make sure to don’t go in this type if you ain’t gay.

The “Plan B”

Everyone has someone that they believe they’ll fall back on later in life, after they’ve exhausted all other relationship possibilities, but this scenario is highly unlikely. Also, you want to be a Plan A.

The “Saviour”

This is the friend you pretend to be in a relationship with to wield off less-than impressive suitors. While you exist in a constant state of closeness for this purpose, it probably won’t ever turn into true love.

The “Sibling”

That friend who you’ve known for so long, they could never be anything more. “He’s like my brother”.

The “Coworker”

You’re responsible, so you don’t want to burn any bridges by getting involved with a coworker. No matter how attractive he or she is, they go right into the friendzone.

The “Advisor”

The most common type of friendzone, you complain to him or her about the failings of your love life or your messed up relationship, that you never see the potential you two could have.

Otherwise, if you don’t think being “friendzoned”, maybe you are doing some turn offs to your crush. ┬áMake sure to make clear actions and don’t fall into a grey area.