The dating world can be scary for teens, especially when it comes time to ask someone out. Whether you want to be in a couple, or you’re simply just asking about taking your crush out on a date, the fear of rejection can make the process more nerve-wracking than you’d ever thought possible.

Without further ado, here are some foolproof and fun ways to ask someone out without the pressure or the stress:

1. Use Food

Whether they say yes or no, a food-based proposal is usually the way to go. If, for example, you write a clever phrase on the inside of a pizza box, and the person you’re asking isn’t into it, you still get to laugh and eat a pizza together at the end of the ordeal.


2. Learn About their Interests

Whether they’re into you or not, everyone likes it when their interactions are tailored to their specific likes. If your crush likes sports, give them a sports-related date proposal, or if they like romantic books, bookmark a passage of their favorite one that makes it clear that your intentions are to ask them out.

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3. Write It Somewhere

When the words just won’t come, you can always ask out your crush with the written word. Write them a poem, ask them out with chalk on the sidewalk or even write your question in the sand and walk with them on the beach. These romantic ways of posing this important question will be seen as heartfelt and creative, increasing your chances of them saying yes.

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4. Just Be Clear

More than anything else, asking someone else out is all about making sure they understand your intentions. Vagueness can complicate the start of any relationship, and clarity is key in the ultimate dating guide for teens.Β The friendzone is always near.

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Don’t be shy to ask your crush to go on a date. If you never try you will never know.