You and your best friend forever — your BFF — have known each for as long as you remember, and you talk to them about everything, but do you really know them inside and out?

Here are a few questions about life, love and who that person truly is that you can ask your BFF so you can eventually be *friendship goals*.

“What’s Your Earliest Memory?”

The earliest time of a person’s life that they have a vivid memory can tell about the forces that shaped who your BFF is today.

“What Are Your Deepest Fears?”

Even in a great friendship, people are tentative when it comes to talking about the things that keep them up at night. Share yours, and give your BFF a chance to share their own, and watch your friendship blossom.

“If You Were the Leader of the Country, What’s the First Thing You’d Do?”

A great way to find out your BFF’s goals in life is to ask them what they’re first act would be if they were suddenly the president/prime minister.

“What Historical Figure, Dead or Alive, Would You Have Dinner With?”

You can learn a lot about a person by learning about their idols, favorite writers, musicians and even celebrity role models. Pick their brain, and maybe learn a bit more about what makes your BFF who they are deep down.

“What’s Your Favorite/Least Favorite Body Part?”

You probably already have an idea about your bestie’s insecurities and what about themselves they stare at in the mirror, but ask them to confide in you and you might find out a little something new about how your BFF sees themselves.

Remember, every little thing you learn about your BFF brings you closer to the coveted status of “friendship goals”. Don’t be shy, and start asking!

And, if you feel bad about someone because you don’t really know if this person is good for you, learn how to spot a fake friend.