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Hard Hitting Questions to Ask Your BFF

You and your best friend forever — your BFF — have known each for as long as you remember, and you talk to them about everything, but do you really know them inside and out?

4 Powerful (and Fool Proof) Ways to Ask Someone Out

The dating world can be scary for teens, especially when it comes time to ask someone out.

What Type of Friendzone Are You?

When it comes to love and finding a relationship that's built to last, some complicated situations can arise.

Biggest Turn Offs For Girls

While many men claim that they'll never be completely sure what girls want, here is a list of seduction moves that will be huge turnoffs to the ladies.

Things that Turn Off Boys

Here's a list of the biggest turnoffs that you'll encounter with most guys when you play the not-so-complicated game of seduction.

8 Things I Would’ve Liked to Know Before I Finished High School

In the later years of high school, most teens start to become pretty confused about their life, which is understandable.

9 Times Your Mum Was Right

When you look back on something you did, and realized that the tips your mother gave you that you ignored were actually worth listening to.

Here Are the Reasons Why Girls Like Bad Boys

Guys; When you've been turned down by a few girls in a row, you may feel like the nice guys never win anymore.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Prom

Prom is supposed to be one of the most important and celebrated nights of your teen life.

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