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Summer Love: What’s Next?

So you had a summer fling, or your crush finally noticed you, or anything that happens seemingly only in teen movies happened to you this summer.

5 Crazy Things You Should Never Judge Your Best Friend For

While sometimes this judgment is justified, most things aren't worth ending a friendship over, whether you're a teen or an adult.

Who Is Your Best Travel Buddy?

it's time to figure out who that person is, and whether or not your friendship is strong enough to withstand the stresses of potentially tense travel situations.

What Type of Friendzone Are You?

When it comes to love and finding a relationship that's built to last, some complicated situations can arise.

Things that Turn Off Boys

Here's a list of the biggest turnoffs that you'll encounter with most guys when you play the not-so-complicated game of seduction.

8 Things I Would’ve Liked to Know Before I Finished High School

In the later years of high school, most teens start to become pretty confused about their life, which is understandable.

The Truth About Having a Gay Friend

Visit any U.S. state, and you'll find that somewhere around two to five percent of its citizens belong to a community commonly known as LGBTQ: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and queer.

How to Seduce a Girl Online

Here's some dating advice that will help your seduction game; your 5-step guide to seducing a girl online.

How Do You Tell a Guy You Like Him

Telling a guy that you like him can feel like the scariest thing in the world. You've had a crush on him for weeks.

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