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How to “Find Your Chill” When it Comes to Dating

As a teen who's new to the dating game, you can potentially try WAY TOO HARD to get a date.

4 Powerful (and Fool Proof) Ways to Ask Someone Out

The dating world can be scary for teens, especially when it comes time to ask someone out.

10 Crazy, Unwritten Rules on Spotafriend

Spotafriend is the hottest new app to meet other fun teens in your area, but once everyone is using it, there need to be some ground rules established.

Dress to Impress Your Friends with These Holiday Outfits

When the holiday season rolls around, you've got to put your best foot forward and impress your friends with all your festive outfits.

Worst Pickup Lines to Make Sure You Stay Single

Pickup lines work well when used right. The problem? Few people know how to use them. Clever and original pick up line could make or break a new relationship.

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